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Monday, March 19, 2018:

Name of Speaker(s): Presentation:
Dr. Howie KnoffDr. Howie Knoff, Creator and Director of Project ACHIEVE
Title of Presentation

Coming soon.
David DeSchryverModerated by David DeSchryver, White Board Associates Panel of States-Implementing Approved ESSA Plans
Dr. John DraperDr. John Draper, CEO of Educational Research Service

Crucial Conversations

Description of Presentation: Public Schools are better than ever--so why the national negativity? What is fueling it? Can we change it? The answer is yes--and the causes of the discontent will surprise you.  It's not your fault . . . but it is your problem. Dr. Draper has presented in over 40 states this simple 3-step method for leaders to effectively change the way a community feels about her public schools.

Dr. Steve PerryDr. Steve Perry, Founder and Head of Capital Preparatory Schools
The Person Behind the Passion

At professional gatherings, we often discuss the profession as if the work is done by robots. Participants will experience a discussion of the difficulty, ambiguity, and uncertainty of change that every day brings professionally to the person doing it. Caring for the person behind the passion is essential to pursuing the passion.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018:

Name of Speaker(s): Presentation:
Horacio SanchezHoracio Sanchez, President and CEO Resiliency Inc.
Title of Presentation

Coming soon.
Rich RasaRich Rasa, U.S.D.E., Office of the Inspector General

Keith CumminsKeith Cummins, U.S.D.E., Office of the Inspector General
Title of Presentation

Coming soon.
U.S. Department of EducationU.S. Department of Education
Title of Presentation

Coming soon.
Noelle Ellerson NGNoelle Ellerson NG, Associate Executive Director, Policy & Advocacy
Federal Education Update AASA

Federal Education Update

Wednesday, March 21, 2018:

Name of Speaker(s): Presentation:
Julia MartinJulia Martin, Esq Brustein & Manasevit
Title of Presentation

Coming soon.
Dr. Dana GodekDr. Dana Godek, Administrative Director, Compliance and Special Projects, School District of Palm Beach County
The Big Opps

Told through personal narrative, the presentation follows a journey through multiple ESSA-authorized programs and how the decisions administrators make impact students, for better or for worse.

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